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Here are a few links that you may like...

My love of dance extended to include creating a range of t-shirts (and other bits) for dancers, they can be found at www.2dance4.co.uk

If you like dance and you haven't tried modern jive I think it is great fun for any dancer. Ceroc is the biggest franchise offering modern jive and their main site can be found at www.ceroc.com

Another project I have been involved in is a music/art collaboration called Thee Bryans. It is different, quirky and as always it is fun. They can be found at www.theebryans.com

On a more serious note I do alot of designing for a web company called TW Media. Although I web build for smaller companies, musicians and artists, if you are looking for a large corporate site then they are worth a look at www.twmedia.co.uk

Need a live band? Beats Working are a fab live band, very popular and definatly worth a look. You can find them at www.beats-working.co.uk

Musician? Based in Surrey, UK? One of the Beats Working musicians is the owner of a recording studio near Hindhead in Surrey. Tim Benson has been recording and producing from Opus Studios for over 14 years now and is well worth a visit at www.opusstudios.co.uk

Need a printer? Digital printers Digitus printing are great and can do short and long runs as well as book binding! They can be found at www.digitusprinting.co.uk

Learning to drive? I had to add this one. He is a friend and a great driving instructor. If you are near Midhurst in West Sussex then try www.freedom2drive.net

And a quick link for the 'opposition'! If I am too expensive then a cost effective alternative might be www.pennywisepress.co.uk